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We offer a range of massage treatments at energise! - all are tailored to suit you . From Swedish massage to help iron out muscular tension through to luxurious heated treatments such as warm bamboo or crystal massage, there's plenty to choose from. Allof our treatments are carried out on a heated massage couch - bliss ! 

Swedish massage : This uses classical massage movements and can be tailored to meet your needs – relaxing, invigorating, toning – Swedish techniques can be adjusted to suit.



30 minute appointment: £28

45 minute appointment : £35

Crystal massage: massage techniques are applied using natural gemstones such as rose quartz and tiger’s eye to smooth out areas of tension and restore balance and calm. This massage is tailored to suit the individual and gemstones are selected according to need. A chakra balance finishes this lovely treatment .

30 minute appointment: £22

45 minute appointment: £34

Orange spice massage treatment : a warming, feelgood massage using carnelian, orange calcite or citrine crystals and organic balm . This can be either a back, neck and shoulders or full body massage with a chakra balance .

30 minute appointment : £22

45 minute appointment : £34

Lavender massage :A soothing, relaxing massage using lavender essential oil balm and amethyst gemstones to ease away stress and tension and leave you de-stressed and clear-headed. The massage incorporates back , neck and shoulders , with a facial massage and amethyst crystal layout to soothe and re-charge. The session ends with a crystal chakra balance.


45 minute appointment £36


Aromatherapy Massage…a gentle massage tailored to suit your needs using blended essential oils


45 min appointment- £40.00

30 min appointment - £30.00


Holistic facial massage

Using natural, organic products and techniques to improve skin condition and tone .

45 min appointment- £35.00

30 min appointment - £28.00


Acupressure : this seated massage works on pressure points to relieve stress and tension and to relax and invigorate


20 min appointment £20


Pregnancy massage : a safe, comfortable massage to help soothe those aches !


30 mins: £29

45 mins £38


Warm seashell massage : a gorgeous massage, using heated natural shells to work on areas of tension

30mins : £30

45 min : £40


Moroccan sacred candlelight back treatment: light a rose scented candle, make a wish and settle onto a heated couch for a kessa mitt exfoliation, followed by a beldi soap cleanse and scrub and a beautiful massage with warm rose oil from the candle - and take the rest of the candle home with you ! 

45 mins- £38


Thai foot massage: give your feet a treat! Thai foot massage works on the Sen energy lines on the sole of the foot to relax and invigorate. A mix of massage, pressure point work and stretches to help ease stiff joints and tight muscles makes this a great way to relax and restore energy.


45 minute appointment : £35


Thai compress massage : a body massage using heated bundles of herbs and spices wrapped in muslin to ease tired muscles and to revitalise the mind and body. This is wonderful !


30 minute appointment : £35

45 minute appointment : £45


Wild rose crystal massage : a luxurious back , neck and shoulder massage with rose quartz placement crystals finishing with a facial massage , a rose quartz crystal layout , and a crystal chakra balance.We use organic wild rose balm ( with rosa damascena essential oil) throughout to nourish and nurture the skin and lift the spirits.

45 minute appointment £38


Hot stone massage Stone therapy uses soothing oils and heated basalt stones to relax the muscles, allowing for a deeper and more thoroughly relaxing massage.


30 minute appointment: £32

45 minute appointment: £45


Warm bamboo massage:a deeply relaxing or invigorating massage, using heated bamboo sticks to work over tired muscles


45 min appointment- £45.00

30 min appointment - £32,.00


Hawaiian( lomi lomi ) massage : a beautifully flowing, total chill-out of a massage ! Absolute bliss !


45 min appointment: £38.00


Indian head massage a seated massage of back, neck,shoulders, arms and head that relaxes and can help improve skin and hair condition


45 min appointment - £35


Abdominal detox massage: this massage targets bloated, irritable tummies to help flatten and soothe.


30 min appointment( massage only ) - £30


45 min appointment ( includes candling and freshly made Malay detox masque - £45


Myofascial release and deep tissue massage

45 min appointment - £40

30 min appointment - £32


Chocolate massage: a really indulgent massage, using real chocolate combined with massage oils


All of our massages can be combined with other therapies in a tailored package just for you - please ask for more information,

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