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Facial treatme​nts at Energise 

From basic, express facials to luxury and advanced skincare treatments, we have a wide range of services to help you make the most of your skin 

Aromatherapy  Facial 

A lovely​ experience using our gorgeous Eve Taylor products to cleanse, tone and restore moisture t​o the skin , with the added benefit of essential oils .

30 mins : £20

45 mins: £30

60 mins :£40

Natural facelift facial

This lifting and tightening treatment uses natural products and acupressure techniques to restore facial contours .

45 mins £32

Dermaplaning facial

Using a scalpel to remove the fine "peach fuzz" hair and dead skin cells from the face, this leaves your skin smooth and glowing - the perfect  silky base for products or make up.

Cleanse and dermaplane : £35

Cleanse, dermaplane and mask : .£40

iCon Ultralift

iCon Ultralift is a facial electrical treatment that provides a " non surgical facelift" , tightening, toning and plumping the skin to give a more youthful appearance 

Sessions from £15 ( lip plumping ) to £60 ( full face and neck treatment ) 

Courses of treatment available, ask for details 

RadioFrequency facial

Radiofrequency works to heat the skin and boost the natural production of colllagen, tightening and lifting targetted areas of the face .

Prices start at £45 for one area .

We recommend a course of these treatments for best results - contact us to discuss your options 

Microneedling facial 

Using a special pen, microneedling uses tiny needles to deliver products beneath the skin to improve its texture and appearance.  This treatment can diminish scarring and boost collagen production 

Prices start at £55